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Before spend thousands of dollars on hair transplants, extensions or expensive chemical hair products. Stop hair loss organically. Our product is approved by Doctors and has no side effects. We follow your progress until your hair grows.


We are out of stock at Whole Foods stores. In the interim, you can order from our website or in our shop. We will announce when available at Whole Foods stores.


Research shows chemicals in manmade shampoo and hair dye are harmful to your body even if you are eating a whole food diet. The chemicals from the shampoo and hair dye are absorbed from the bulb of your hair into your system. Our organic hair treatment and organic hair coloring have no chemicals and will help you stay healthy.


What Dr. Robin Sapossnek says about Organic Hair Growth...?


"My hair had been noticeably thinner the past 2 years. I tried Rogaine with no improvement but side effects. I started with Shahanaz in June when my hair was coming out in clumps. After three treatments, my existing hair got thicker. After six treatments, I saw less hair coming out in the shower. Now six months later, my hair continues to thicken and I have new growth where I had bare spots along my hair line. Also, Shanez does organic coloring for me. I noticed that my gray is less and less and my new hair growth is darker at the roots. It is natural looking and my hair is healthy. Also Shanez gave me a special diet for the type of hair loss I have. I am following her diet and using the organic hair growth is working very well. I approve the product."Thank you Shahanaz !


Dr. Robin Sapossnek


"I, Dr. Melinda Privett, was having problems with my hair that was thinning and receding in the front. Then I found out that the patches of hair loss were due to alopecia. After four months using Organic Hair Growth, my hair grew back where it was receding and it is now thick and healthy. I also use Organic Hair Coloring. It covers my gray and makes beautiful, natural highlights. Thanks, Shahanaz !


Dr. Melinda Privett

Shahanaz  Mostatab, President of Earth Elements Natural Products, LLC is a European trained specialist with 35 years of research and beauty experience.


Organic Hair Growth is a 100% organic product. It adds thickness, volume and shines while working to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
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