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Losing Hair? Please contact us for a free consultation!

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happiness as we wrap up the year.  God bless you.

Due to Covid 19, for everyone's safety, we are taking extra precautions, with constant sanitization being done prior to entering for your visit.  Please wear a mask prior to entering and if you are not feeling well please cancel your appointment.  We appreciate your compliance.

Attention Everyone!

Before you spend thousands of dollars on hair transplants, extensions or expensive chemical hair products, you now can stop hair loss organically.   Our products are approved by Doctors and have no side effects.  We follow your progress until your hair grows.

Research shows that chemical shampoos and hair dyes are harmful to your body and hair, even if you are eating whole foods.  The chemicals are absorbed from the hair bulb into your system. Our organic hair growth and coloring have no chemicals and will help you maintain your health.

Causes of Hair Loss: While some people are born with thin hair, thinning hair may be caused by several factors:

,              Hormonal changes

·         Damage from chemicals

·         Stress

·         Poor nutrition

·         Autoimmune illnesses

·         Cancer and Radiation treatment


Nearly 40% of all men and women will suffer from some form of hair loss during their lifetime.


Many women begin to experience thinning hair during menopause, especially on the top of their head where the hair becomes fine, short and lusterless. As the scalp becomes increasingly visible it becomes more and more difficult to disguise the hair loss. Most women attempt to conceal the problem with creative hair styling or volume-enhancing shampoos and hope that it will not get any worse. Organic Hair Growth is the answer because it has no chemicals. After cleansing and detoxifying, using our all natural products, and improving your diet, the existing hair becomes strong and new hair starts growing!


Do something about it!

Let Organic Hair Growth, a 100% organic hair product, work for you to prevent further hair loss and promote hair growth while adding volume, thickness, and shine. Organic Hair Growth treatment will help you maintain fuller, healthier, and stronger hair. Organic Hair Growth is not man-made and there are no artificial or chemical ingredients in this product.  When you are ordering the product, be sure to email us your phone number. Please call us at 215-803-3602, for your free individual consultation.  Each person has a different type of hair loss. We will also send you a list of foods to include in your daily diet. Follow our nutrition list and your hair will grow faster.


Our pricing is market competitive. We challenge you to find a better price to grow your hair the Organic way without chemicals or side effects.

Shanez  Mostatab,

President of Earth Elements Natural Products, LLC

is a European trained specialist with 35 years of r

esearch and beauty experience.


Organic Hair Growth is a 100% organic product. It adds thickness,

volume and shines while working to prevent hair loss and promote

hair growth.Give us a call today to start your treatment if you

are experiencing hair loss.


Contact us for a free Hair Consultation


Organic Hair Growth & Coloring
38 Berkley Rd,
Devon, PA 19333

Phone: (215) 803-3602



Thank you for your Business!


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