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Our prices are very competitive compared with the market. We challenge you to find better prices to grow your hair organically without chemicals or side effects.



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         Why use Organic Hair  Growth                         Treatment?

Organic Hair Growth, is a 100% organic hair product is a specially selected blend of Kaydar and Lesona leaves that work to stimulate, cleanse and nourish the hair follicles while detoxifying  and strengthening existing hair for a healthy scalp and lustrous new hair growth.

After three months you will start getting new hair growth and your existing hair will not fall out. You can expect to have shiny, healthy hair and radiant results with no harsh chemicals and no side effects. This amazing Organic Hair Growth product is 100% organic leaves. This product is not man-made and there are no artificial or chemical ingredients in it. Not commercially processed. Hand picked and hand packaged. Why use Organic Hair Growth Treatment?

There is no treatment like Organic Hair Growth for thin, receding or damaged hair due to chemical hair coloring.


  •       Prevents hair loss
  •       Cleanses and diet
  •       Adds volume, thickness and shine
  •       Detoxify existing hair
  •       Promotes hair growth


 Causes of Hair Loss:

While some people are born with thin hair, thinning hair may be caused by several factors:


  •      Hormonal changes
  •      Damage from chemicals
  •      Stress
  •      Poor nutrition
  •      Autoimmune illnesses
  •     Cancer and Radiation treatment

Nearly 40% of all men and women will suffer some form of hair loss during their lifetime.


Attention Clients!


Before ordering any of our products, please be sure to contact us. We must call you for individual consultation to customize a package to fit your needs.

We will also send you a list of foods to include in your daily diet. Follow our nutrition diet guide to promote faster hair growth.


Our pricing is market competitive. We challenge you to find a better price to grow your hair the Organic way without chemicals or side effects.


Our organic hair growth products are great for all Hair Types!

Organic Hair Growth normalizes as well maximizes all hair types. It balances dry or oily hair and imparts volume and control to give curly or frizzy hair a softer and looser curl. It will not affect the color of your hair. If you presently have chemical coloring, call us for individual consultation.


Easy to use directions


Organic Hair Growth’s product is created using organic leaves, which will strengthen your existing hair, preventing hair loss and promotes growth.


Organic Hair Growth is very easy to use. It is two kinds of grounded leaves that you simply mix with warm water and apply in your scalp. Call us for individual consultation for instructions as to how much product to mix and how often to use. Don’t use this product until you call us for a free consultation. We will create a special packaging according to your needs.

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Attention African American Clients!

We recommend our organic shampoo that works with our product. It will stop breakage and repair damaged hair so that your hair will grow as long as you want.

Important Tip: Trimming your hair every 4 weeks help growth!




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