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Easy To Use Directions


Organic Hair Growth’s source uses organic leaves which will strengthen your existing hair so you will no longer lose hair and your hair will start growing more. Organic Hair Growth is very easy to use. It is two kinds of ground leaves that you simply mix with warm water and apply to your scalp. Call us for individual consultation for instructions as to how much product to mix and how often to use. Does not use until you call for free consultation? We will advise what organic shampoo and conditioner to use. Call 215-803-3602.




Now we have testimonials from our clients that their rosaceous and alopecia is healed with our Organic Hair Growth treatment! Dr. Robin Sapossnek, Dr. Melinda Privett, John Hymes, Rochelle Longill, Pat Napkori, Cynthia McSweeney, Pat W., Paul G., Stephanie K. Don't wait any longer. Let us help you!


Dear Shahanaz , "I have been using your product over six months and I noticed that the new hair is growing darker. I used to color every four weeks and now I can color it every six weeks. Thank you for healthy and youthful hair. I approve this product and highly recommend." Dr. Melinda Privette, Mary Austin, Rochelle Longwill and Cynthia McSweeney.

Hair Types

Organic Hair Growth normalizes as well as maximizes all types of hair. It balances dry or oily hair and imparts volume and control to give curly or frizzy hair softer curls. It will not affect the color of your hair. If you presently have chemical coloring, call us for individual consultation.


Success Stories


I have been a client of Shahanaz for over 22 years. My skin and hair have never looked so good! After using her skin care products, my skin is clear and smooth. I have always had a problem with large pores and rosaceous, dry areas, and all the usual effects from hormonal changes due to menopause. No wrinkles line my face!!
Mary Austin

the glycolic skin care treatments have greatly improved the condition of my skin. I started getting the treatments due to frequent precancerous growths, and it has eliminated their occurrence for the past three years. My skin is smoother, brighter, and has been given thumbs up by my dermatologist.
Pat Napoli

I have been using the anti-aging skin care products more than 5 years and as a result my skin has become smooth and younger as you can see in my picture above. I no longer have dryness or blemishes. I recommend this product to everyone who has skin problems.





More Testemonials & Success Stories!


Dear Shanez,


What Dr. Robin Sapossnek says about Organic Hair Growth...?


My hair had been noticeably thinner the past 2 years. I tried Rogaine with no improvement but side effects. I started with Shahanaz in June when my hair was coming out in clumps. After one treatment I noticed results. Now 5 ½ months later my hair continues to thicken. I have new growth where I had bare spots along my hair line. Also, she does organic hair coloring for me, it is natural looking and my hair is healthy. Thank you Shahanaz!

Dr. Robin Sapossnek


"I, Dr. Melinda Privett, was having problems with my hair that was thinning and receding in the front. Then I found out that the patches of hair loss were due to alopecia. After four months using Organic Hair Growth, my hair grew back where it was receding and it is now thick and healthy. I also use Organic Hair Coloring. It covers my gray and makes beautiful, natural highlights! Thanks, Shahanaz !

Dr. Melinda Privett










(215) 802-3602




Dear Shanez,


I truly appreciate what you have done for me! I met you at the New Life Expo in New York on October 17, 2010 and the Organic Hair Growth has done wonders for me. I had been suffering for a year with itchy, flaky scalp which wouldn’t go away with anything and only after a week of proceeding with your treatment my scalp is clean and healthy. Also, due to the itchiness I was suffering from a lot of hair loss. Right now my old hair is growing at a very fast rate and I see new small hairs all over the top of the scalp. These organic leaves are truly powerful and I felt it the first time that it touched my scalp. Thank you for everything!!! Again, thank you, I love the product and I am telling everybody about it!

Warm Regards,

Maria Alejandro


I have been using Organic Hair Growth over a period of ten months and my hair started growing after the second month. My hair loss was about eighty percent on top of my head and eighty five percent at the back of my head. My hair in these areas has grown, I am extremely happy with this product and I would recommend it to everyone.

John Hymes


Before I started using Organic Hair Growth and Coloring products, my hair was in very bad condition from the chemical mistreatment of perms. I've been using these organic hair products for more than 5 years and can see such a difference! My hair is thicker, shinier and healthier in general. I am not losing anymore hair thanks to Shanez.

Cynthia McSweeney


I have been using the natural hair growth product for about three years and have found that it filled in a small bald spot on the back of my head. Additionally, it has prevented any further hair loss.

Bill Hagerman


Organic hair growth products and hair coloring have made a huge difference in the condition of my hair. It is thicker, shinier and no longer splits at my crown. Thank you, hair growth!

Pat Napkori


I met Shahanaz Mostatab at the October 2009 Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Valley Forge, Pa., where I purchased and began using her "Organic Hair Growth". I am in my late 50's and have been dealing with hormonal shift and loss which have impacted the texture and thickness of my hair. I have always had very fine hair as I was growing up, but when I approached menopause my hair texture started getting even thinner. Cleaning the bathroom surfaces due to my hair loss became a daily routine. Since I started using "Organic Hair Growth" not only has the texture of my hair become thicker and beautifully manageable but I have virtually no more hair loss. In addition to not losing hair, and thicker and more manageable hair, more importantly, the rate of growth of my hair has changed from less then a ¼ inch a month to over an inch a month. I am delighted with the results and have encouraged friends and family to consider using "Organic Hair Growth".

Betty Johnson


My hair is thick and curly. The organic hair coloring is beautiful and natural looking as if I paid for coloring and highlights. There is also no chemical smell associated with the process. Along with the color, I started using the organic hair growth treatment, and the thinning areas at my temples that occur with age (and years of chemical processing) are becoming full and thick again. Needless to say, I receive many compliments on my hair.

Mary Austin


I have been a client of Shanez for five months and after using Organic Hair Growth and Coloring my hair has improved greatly, especially the top of my head which as you can see in the photo I had hair loss in this area and it was very thin. Now my hair has become thicker and I no long have a problem, thank goodness for this wonderful product.



A year ago my friend Joanne Williams, who has been with Shahanaz for three years referred me to Shahanaz for organic hair growth and color because she was so impressed with her results. Joanne knew that I was suffering with chemical color, my scalp was burning and itching and I was never satisfied with my color and it barely lasted two weeks.


 Shahanaz has been working diligently in getting my hair healthy and has been able to give me a beautiful organic color that looks natural. Not only does it cover my grey but it also gives beautiful highlights. It has also changed the texture of my hair from dry and frizzy to silky and shiny. Shanez has worked tirelessly and should be commended for her efforts.


I would recommendShahanaz and organic hair growth treatment and color with great confidence to everyone.




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